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Avoid the pitfalls of being a modern man. 
Live a pleasure full life and create authentic relationships.

I believe that authentic pleasure is the antidote to our culture's hype, masks and consumption.
To experience natural pleasure you need to learn to FEEL MORE. This is the pleasure paradox.
As well as ecstasy, feeling more opens up your unhelpful patterns and habits.
With regular pleasure experiences you will gain energy, intuition, magnetism & direction.

7 Signs of a
Fading Relationship

Discover the #1 Secret to easily transform now, and build fuel for a lasting, passionate life together.

Experience REAL ANSWERS  from REAL MEN & WOMEN...

Life Coaching & Education for your pleasure & relationships.

Daily Rituals.

"We are what we repeatedly do. Therefore, [pleasure] is not an act. It's a habit."

Given we become what we focus on, together we design your day to concentrate your state on what matters most in your life. This ensures you are making confident, healthy decisions and relating to the world from your beliefs & values.

Technology & Nature.

It's complex balancing new technology and a connection to our natural wildness.

Understanding ourselves is hard to do with a bright screen in your face 24/7. ​Detox from the interwebs and connect with nature. Discover new ways to connect to people and dive deeper into conversations with the world around you.

Experience Pleasure.

Transformative experiences are everywhere. Some are hidden, some are in clear view.

We guide to towards powerful experiences in order to achieve new levels of appreciation, respect and awareness. ​We have curated a menu containing the full spectrum of pleasure that is available to humans. 

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You can always know more about yourself. And improve from there!
You may have completed a Myers-Briggs Personality profile or perhaps a DISC profile. These reports tend to box people too rigidly & are based on personality and behavioural types. 
The Meta Dynamics Profile is about how you think, it measures 41 primary characteristics that are relevant to thinking styles for personal, professional, business and leadership development.

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I have seen Alex transform a room of men into highly focused, respectful and present humans. He embodies a unique combination of grace and steel in his practice and, while working with him, there has never been any doubt in my mind about his commitment and passion for empowering transformational experiences for other men.

His years of dedication to daily practice, meditation and men's pleasure is obvious when you meet him. He's not a charlatan, he's not a strange yogi type, he's not an alpha male looking for another way to establish his authority. He's the real deal, a proper guide. His devotion to connecting men to themselves and those around them is unique and powerful. I highly recommend working with him.

Dr Angus Hervey 
Director of FutureCrunch

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If you're reading this, identify as a Man, Guy, Dad, Son, Dude, Bloke or Boy
AND are ready to commit to upgrading your life... let's do this!

OR - Need to understand your partner, husband or lover more?
I also work with partners, specifically in order to relate more deeply with the man in your life. 


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